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Previous Work

NASPA Issue Guide Development:
Free Speech & the Inclusive Campus

Spring 2021

Framing an issue requires extensive concern gathering, values clarification, and collaborative writing to break down binaries and produce a guide that facilitates a productive conversation. In the development of this guide, we engaged campus stakeholders in concerns around free speech and inclusion. We identified several different values that drive the way people think about the issue - student safety, educational value, and the public marketplace of ideas. That enabled us to create a guide that brought those values to the surface and highlighted the tensions, benefits, and trade-offs inherent in each approach. Campuses now have a resource to start conversations on campus and moderator resources to guide them in hosting forums and dialogue on their campus. Success!

NASPA Free Speech Guide - COVER PAGE_Page_01_edited.jpg

MS Initiative: Bolivar County Community Leadership


This group brings together local citizens and community members to explore issues of concern in Bolivar County. We seek to build our own awareness of local concerns, consider potential actions, and seek to better our community. In our meetings, we hear from different community members, relevant stakeholders, and leaders to learn more about issues such as gun violence, education, racial disparities, and COVID-19. We engage in listening to each other, sharing concerns, and considering potential solutions.

Fists in Solidarity

Dialogue & Deliberation: Moderator Training for Conversations Across Difference

August 2021

In this session, participants learned how to moderate deliberative dialogue sessions on your campus or in your community. Using the NASPA issue guide Fraternity and Sorority Life and the Inclusive Campus: How do we Foster the Campus Community we Want?, participants learned the format and flow of a deliberation as well as practice moderation skills. 

Public Speaker
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