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Conflict & Communication Styles Series

Three Sessions - $225

Get unstuck in your relationships. Explore your interpersonal styles and coping mechanisms, learn how you show up in conflict, and how you can better connect with the people you love and care about. In this 3-session series of coaching sessions, we use the enneagram to explore who you are in relationship, your needs and tendencies in connecting with others, and what others need from you in relationship with them.

  • Session 1 - Learn your interpersonal communication & conflict coping styles. 

  • Session 2 - Explore your strengths in relationship and tendencies that get in your way. Identify your areas of growth and what you need from others in conflict.

  • Session 3 - Identify common conflict activators for you, and defense mechanisms, so you can break unhealthy patterns.

You will leave with practical insights to help you communicate better with others and a game plan to navigate conflict in healthier ways. 

Individual coaching starts with a free consultation and an online onboarding process so you can know what to expect and that we can make the best use of your time to address your needs. 

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