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Tuning into the Head

Updated: May 26, 2022


What are you thinking right now? What thoughts are occupying your mind? Are they scattered, jumping from topic to topic? Or do you have particular concerns, decisions, plans that you are thinking through?

Engage the Mind

Here are some activities to engage your mind:

  • Reading a non-fiction book

  • Watching a documentary about an issue you care about

  • Researching a topic of interest (e.g. cooking, exercise, trains)

  • Listening to talk radio

  • Discussing current events with friends

  • Playing a mindful game – Sudoku, crosswords, etc.

  • Making lists, e.g. pro/con list, goal setting, outlining a plan

  • Participating in a debate

  • Practicing tongue twisters

Focus the Mind

The best way to connect with your head is by tuning into your mind. The head center considers our thoughts first when making a decision and tunes into our need for security and safety. Sometimes, we fail to think through a situation, skipping important analysis of what we know, what risks are present, or the impact of a decision. Alternatively, we can also overthink a decision, turning it over and over again in our minds, riddled with uncertainty and insecurity about how to proceed. Yet, if we can engage our minds, focus our thoughts, and think clearly, we can glean valuable insights that help us determine our best way forward.

As you seek to tune into your head check in to see what thoughts are running through your head. Getting them out of your head and on to paper often helps provide clarity. In any given situation, take time to consider what you already know, what you need to know, and what you think is best. Logically, what decision makes the most sense to you? Are there facts that influence what seems to be the "right course of action?" Are there expected or unexpected consequences of moving in a particular direction?

Opportunity to Reflect

  • When do you find yourself relying on your reason? What drives your thoughts as you think through a particular topic?

  • What thoughts occupy your mind on any given day? Big or small. Are there recurring themes or topics that are weighing on your mind?

  • Are you given to distracted thinking or focused thinking? How can you bring more focus and clarity to your thought patterns? What helps you clear your mind?

  • Have your thoughts led you astray? i.e. Have you made decisions that were logical but not necessarily the best decision for you?

Opportunity to Grow

  • Pick an activity or two from the Engage the Mind list above to incorporate into your life over the next week.

  • Create a list of considerations for a decision that you are facing. Take time to consider what you already know, what you need to know, and what you think is best.

Related Resources

  • The Next Right Thing Guided Journal, by Emily P. Freeman

  • Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

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