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Tuning into the Gut

Updated: May 26, 2022


What is your body telling you right now? How grounded do you feel? Where are you carrying your stress?

Wake up your senses

  • Smell – Turn on the fragrance by enjoying lotions or candles that are fragrant.

  • Taste – Savor the taste by eating slowly and enjoying the flavors.

  • Touch – Turn on physical touch by exercising, enjoying a massage, or hitting the dance floor.

  • See – Wake up to the beauty around your by enjoying a nature walk or a beautiful sunset.

  • Listen – Clue into your body by listening to your breath as you inhale and exhale.

Move to Action

The best way to connect with your body is by moving to action. The gut center considers action first when making a decision. As we move toward action, we sense areas of tension or find freedom in moving forward.

As you seek to tune into your gut, move toward action and see what your gut is telling you. Are you moving toward a yes or a no? Is your body holding stress or tension that may be a clue to how you really feel or what you already know deep inside?

An opportunity to reflect