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Erin Oeth LLC

Helping individuals and communities get unstuck and move forward together

ELP - Profile Pic1 (2)_edited.jpg

Erin Oeth LLC

Helping individuals and communities get unstuck and move forward together

Dialogue & Deliberation

Finding ways forward in community together

Is your community stuck, riled in tensions around divisive issues, or looking for ways to engage other perspectives? If so, let me help you clarify the problem, gather concerns, and develop a strategy for facilitating healthy and productive conversations. Using a various dialogue and deliberative methods, we can get your community unstuck, talking to each other, and moving forward together.

Enneagram Coaching

Reconnect with yourself and others

If you are in a rut, or feel stuck in the same old patterns, let me help you break through the noise and distractions of everyday life and rediscover YOU. I offer small group cohorts, workshops, and individual coaching to help you pull back the multifaceted layers of who you are. Gain new clarity and understanding of why you think, feel, act the way you do, explore your conflict & communication styles, and identify pathways of growth to get you reconnected to yourself, God, and others.


I've observed her lead and serve while she's partnered with a large range of organizations and personalities. As a facilitator, her skills allow her to convene diverse groups, keep them engaged, and create processes individual voices and broader community concerns to be heard and understood. Her expertise includes both the theory and practice of dialogue, deliberation, and group inquiry as well as Enneagram Coaching & Facilitation.

Cade, Former Colleague

From consultation to delivery of workshop, Erin was thoughtful in ensuring that the workshop would align with the needs of the university community. Specifically, Erin sought to confirm needs at multiple points prior to the workshop and even checked-in during the workshop itself. I found Erin to be meaningfully engaged with the campus community members in attendance and expertly modeled facilitation.

Talia Carroll

VP for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Oklahoma City University

Erin has helped us move forward in what we anticipate is a long journey. We have a nucleus of residents that should be a catalyst for positive change as they actively seek out and get involved with others when chain of events frequently happens in our neighborhoods and larger communities.

James (Ike) Adams

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